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Saturday, November 27, 2010

All beaded up and no where to go!

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I have been trying to make as much stuff as possible this weekend, I got my Jewelry pricing program back up and working, just not looking forward to recounting all my beads to put them into inventory in the program! So far I have made two beaded eyeglass chains, a pair of earrings, and one set with matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings. I just need to find a way to get pictures up. I have my old camera, that seems like the pictures are going to be fine, but then when I get them into the computer, they have flourescent green lines through them, and the bottom half of the picture is not lined up with the rest of the picture! My new camera I bought a couple years ago, accidentally got dropped into the river on our family camping trip, so goodbye to that. So tonight, I got the idea to scan my new pieces I just made so I could upload them that way. No such luck. They scan, but the pictures come out blurry, and the colors are all wrong. so I give up. Im gonna try changing some settings on my old camera, and clean it out real good, and see if I can't get the pictures up that way. So... that is why I say all beaded up and no where to go! Because I made all this pretty stuff and have no way to show it! Then I remembered today is Saturday, and I chose Saturdays for my blogging updates, so here I am....blogging about my adventures thus far! I never realized, and never thought this would happen, but since I have not made anything in such a long time, when I got started back up last night, it actually took me a while to get creative! I also realize that no matter what anyone says, I NEED MORE BEADS!!! I will just buy more when ever possible. I caught myself today online at fire mountain gems, I got their email for their sale that they have going, and I started browsing, and almost started putting stuff into my "cart" and then I stopped myself because I know right now I have too many bills to pay, and should not be buying beads! I know I could easily run my bead shopping spree up over 100 bucks in no time! So I was a good girl and I stopped browsing after about 10 minutes, and closed the window and deleted the email for no further temptation.
When I started makeing things last night, I started with the pair of earrings, then I got frustrated because I have been out of it for so long, I could not get my wrapped loops to come out right, so I stepped away from the earrings, and said to myself- "lets do something you will enjoy for your first creation, that way it's fun instead of frustrating".
So I thought of stuff I needed to make that I do not have alot of in my inventory, so thats what got me going with the eyeglass leashes and the set. Well for now, that is all I have made, and hope tomorrow I can get going some more, and hope by then I will be able to get some pictures of it. I will post them tomorrow if I can. One last thought...I NEED MORE BEADS!!!

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