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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeling overwhelmed!

Well here it is a Saturday that I don't have a million things to do besides promote my websites, and such, and well....I guess I do have alot to do! I just don't know where to start, so I decided that maybe I could organize my thoughts if I blogged for a while.
So I now understand the #LINKLOVE mission, and have joined that, and its doing well for me so far, I think eventually though I will get too many to keep up with and It will become very time consuming. Now I start thinking too far ahead and feeling like Im never going to be caught up when I start getting so many links to return. But you know what, I will just keep working them and keep it going, and as the rule is, when you hit 5000, thats it, you're done. I can do it, I WILL do it. Not that 5000 is my goal, but keeping up with all the link exchanging is my goal. The 5000 will come naturally within that. Anyways, I was going to make a schedule, of a daily task list, but then realized my life is not going to be predictable like that! We'll see. Once Im all caught up (if that ever happens) and I get down to just being able to create jewelry and post it on my different sites, I'll be able to better obide by a schedule a bit easier. Im thinking maybe I should update my blog every Saturday, or should it be whenever I feel like it? I think every Saturday should be easy to go with. Let's start there. That way I can give an update on all I've worked on through the week and how things are going and be able to see my own progress too.
I keep seeing people that are getting blocked on facebook too for "liking" too many pages too fast, so I read the "handbook" on #LINKLOVE and I think I understand how to avoid that from happening to me. Well, I know for today, I have some housework to do, and I have already returned the links that have been dropped in my discussion tab on my facebook page, I need to go through now and follow their blogs, and possible do some link exchanges directly on thier official websites too, as well as work some pages of links. I love seeing all the other artists talents, it is crazy what people can do and how many talents there are out there! It also helps with getting ideas for christmas presents, I would much rather support another artisan and buy from them for christmas, instead of the mall or wal mart or gift cards to those places. Well, I never know what the future will bring, so we will see where I'm at around Christmas time with all my hard work.
Hope you enjoy reading my blog and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Hi! Found you from Raising Future Leaders. Hope you can come visit my blog at

  2. I found you from Raising Future Leaders (or did you find me)?
    I loved what you said about supporting other Artison's and have committed to buy all hand made gifts this season..
    I will check your's out!

  3. Hi Kimberly,

    I found your blog via Link Love which I also recently started doing.
    Welcome to the world of blogging :-)
    And good luck.

    Keep blogging,