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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little bit about me and my rocky road in following my dream.

Well to get started on this blog has been a mission in itself, I was not wanting to start another blog since I already have I think two going at other sites, but was in school through 99% of them so I didn't have much time to do anything besides blog about my wants to get back into creating jewelry. I found a wonderful website called which I am a member of, as well as  It was through those two websites that I have been able to not give up my dreams of just finishing school, and being able to dedicate myself back to making jewelry. Most people that do not have  the love or passion for making things and then trying to market those things, just don't understand how much work it is. I am not about to hire someone to build my website, I'll do it myself. Same with marketing all my stuff, I'll do that myself too. I have always been very independant in alot of ways, and anything I can do on my own is best done on my own. No one knows what I want better than me, right? So anyways, I finished school just recently, and I am so relieved to not have homework anymore! This is going to be my second try with a website and all the stuff that goes with it for my Jewelry.
My first attempt was rocky due to school, (this was like 3 years ago now) and I of course put my jewelry and website upkeep on the back burner. Then I would do a little updating here and there but I kept losing entire pages when I did try to update my pages with just a few new pieces, I talked to the hosting company and they claimed those pages never existed according to their records, well thats strange, because I have had people buy stuff off those pages! So to make a long story short, I had so many problems with the website, and then in the end I lost it due to the company not telling me in any way that my domain name or membership with them was about to expire. When that happened, I just gave up completely. I decided to just forget about it until I was graduated. I still couldn't stay away from it completely though, that is when I found the two websites bead-space and beadersshowcase. It was like an easy way for me to stay connected and more inportantly really kept me inspired.  I am very excited to be getting back into the groove of things again, this time for good! I have found a different host to go through for my website, I lost all trust in the company I was going with before. I won't mention the name because maybe others like that company and have had no problems, but I am disgusted with them.  Link exchanging, blog posting, and most of all making my jewelry and posting pictures is all stuff I love doing. So far I have built my website
I also have an artfire storefront at
and you will find me on facebook as well,  I am just learning about the whole "Link Love" thing going on over there so please stop by my page and we can exchange links!  Im just getting started again and I don't want to overwhelm myself with creating too many sites on the internet to keep up with, just yet, so I think I will just stick with these four for now. The three above and this blog you are reading! So anyways, I know this is going to be a journey I will never forget and I look forward to meeting new people and reading others blogs too.

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