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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slowly but surely....I'm getting there!

So it seems like I am always a day late with this blogging stuff! I said I would do this every Saturday, but I always end up super busy on Saturdays. Either I have company, or have to be somewhere...and next weekend I will be working for time and a half pay! whoo hoo! Beads? Beads? I think I will deserve some beads for working the weekend. Today, I was able to progress with my website a bit, I added a visit counter, changed the home page wording a bit, and I also customized a welcome tab for my facebook page which I am very pleased with! I feel like I accomplished a little something today. Usually, I spend hours on end just doing the #LINKLOVE stuff and liking all these wonderfully talented artists pages. I honestly love seeing other peoples work, it is very inspiring to see such beautiful creations that were not just another "made in china" item. It is unique, and hard work and patience was put into it, and I can appreicate that as an artist myself. I know sometimes you can feel like your work is under appreciated or goes un noticed, but just know that I at least appreciate it and absolutely love it all! If I was rich, I would have nothing but handmade everything in my home, like the pictures on my walls, my furniture, my clothes...nothing would come from some production line in china or some other country. Dont get me wrong, I do not have anything against all that, except knowing it is made by the millions at a time, therefore is is anything but original or unique, as well as the fact that the people who make this stuff get paid cents! I have seen some beautiful jewelry in like Wal-mart, and other large chain stores, but unfortunately, it is all made in china and is not at all original. It is simply a "product" to be sold just for the money, not for the love of making the pieces, and most likely not hand made.
I have a dilemma on my hands. I need to get my hands on a good camera. I just hate not being able to show my pieces that I have been working on, and there are even times when I would love to snap pictures of the steps as I go along, so other can see my pieces being "born" so to speak. I will post some pictures of my pieces in my blog here too, I also am going to try and find a way to make my blog more noticeable and attractive by figuring out how to customize it. I think adding pictures is going to help, and looking at how others have designed their blogs to understand the layout possibilties. I have seen some really beautiful blog pages on here, and I am so impressed! I need to do that with mine here too. I need to figure out how to offer coupons, and have sales in my website and my artfire studio too. I need to get to a point that I am happy with on each of my pages, so that I can do all this. I need a lightbox. ugh, my mind is wandering now. Ok, well, I have enjoyed blogging, and need to get back to working on spicing up my pages as much as I can. Bye for now, and Thank You so very much for following my blog! Feel free to leave me comments or send me a personal message.

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