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Monday, February 21, 2011

What is holding me back???

The other day I realized I haven't been doing anything lately for my business, why? what is holding me back???  Its because I just feel like its too overwhelming, too much to do, and too much to keep track of, and like I will never get caught up. I haven't wanted to make more jewelry for the same reason, I'm feeling like I'm already so far behind on everything that making new pieces would just add to overflowing cup (yeah, you know one of those 64oz super big gulp cups? lol) of things to do.
So I sat down and started thinking to myself, and organized my thoughts into exactly what is my problem, what is the most frustrating thing, or biggest task that is holding me back?
So I thought, OK how many websites do you have? Answer = 2. Not bad. Just my Art fire store and My Website- OK.
Next, I need to go to each site and get out all my pieces, and see which pieces I have on each site. OK.
I did that today, and I shocked myself! I have 15 Pieces that are not even listed on either of those two sites, and an additional 14 Pieces That are not listed in my Art fire studio! What is wrong with me???
So upon returning home, I still had pictures to take and no way of taking them, and money was tight, so I had to just deal with it. Well, I now have a new camera, and I now know which pieces I need to get pictures of. I think that was a big roadblock for me, I felt overwhelmed for some reason with knowing that I had to figure that out. Now that is done! What a relief!
 So I also googled how to make my own light box (which I have done before, but couldn't remember what it was I was missing to make it correctly the first time) So I went to the store and home depot and bought the stuff I need and now have it set up, you can see here:
I have black cloth and white cloth as well as some other tiles I can use for backgrounds or whatever I need. This picture is just the basic idea, When I set it up it has more detail to it. Things like the tripod come into play and other little details.
Here a a few pix of my studio:
 I have an extra monitor hooked up to my laptop, because its much faster to get stuff done with being able to see two screens at once, then there's no flipping back and forth from screen to screen.

Soon, I will be placing my supply order, and will have tons more beads to play with! then I will post those pics for you all to see too!
So continuing on, after I finish this post, I will take the pictures of my pieces and post them to my two sites. Then I won't feel like I am so far behind. Then all during this week, I will get back into my Link Love stuff on Face book. Well, wish me luck, I will blog more often and update more frequently from now on.
Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and best wishes to you and all your paths traveled!