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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Motivation Management and new additions

I am using my smartphone for this particular blog and unfortunately i don't have the pictures of the bracelet I finally finished. I posted a couple of them on Facebook if you are interested in seeing them right away. I can hopefully get them in my blog tomorrow. Im also adding some new items to my artistic creation stash of beautiful beaded things but you will have to keep up to find out what they are hee hee! Not too much to ask of a jewelry artist right? well maybe if i could post more often huh?
Well I have had some life changing events happen in the last year and I have been struggling to keep my sanity and of course that makes all motivation out of reach for me! But Im attempting to overcome the challenges and get back to the things I love. Throughout the week Im going to continue editing pictures I have taken of my new additions, and by new I mean things I didnt offer before but now I do and I cant wait to present the pictures for everyone to see! Its getting late now and I better get to sleep so I will have the energy tomorrow to add all my new stuff to all my sites! Have a beautiful evening to all you night owls out there reading my blog! :)

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