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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Refocusing Desire

This weekend I have accomplished half of the the not so fun tasks that are inclusive to creating. I had alot of new items I made and finally got the pictures all taken and edited. I began listing items in a variety fashion but then very quickly lost track of what items I posted to which site! lol And by the time I was ready to start that task, I had already been dealing with all these pictures and such for days now so my eyes and brain are having an argument and they both stormed out on me so to speak. lol I have added three new lines of beaded items and hopefully two more in the near future. I now have Letter openers, Wine bottle stoppers, and book marks! For now its late and I have ro get up early so my next blog will include pictures and hopefully a success story of getting all my items listed cause theres quite a few! Til next time....

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