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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Networking Not working?

I dont know how many people actually read my blog, but I do know I am beginning to dislike facebooks shady ways more and more.
I sometimes think the numbers of "people who saw this post" is a crock of BS. To make my opinion clear, I hope facebook collapses the way myspace did. And I hope a new social networking site comes out and has no restrictions and doesnt take your audience away that you worked so hard to gain in the first place. If I could I would make a site called "" LOL But anyways, I just think its unfair for them to do what they are doing.
So anyways, enough about them, Lets think about me and my jewelry journey shall we?
I have been trying to keep up with making new pieces and not much luck, I always need more beads. its the story of my beaded life. I look at my beads and i know it looks as though i have a million options, and maybe I do but I have a different way of thinking and maybe a bit OCD so when I think of a design, and then I see that I don't have enough of a certain bead to complete that design, I give up, lose motivation, inspiration etc. Yes i have hundreds of little (keyword little) baggies on my wall

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentines Day sparkle

Well here is a picture of one of the 4 new pieces I have finished so far for Valentines day, I have more pictures of the other pieces on my Facebook page Kimberly Lynn Designs.
Ive been really trying to stay motivated to get these pieces made and I will be making more this weekend! This piece pictured above took quite a few tries to finally come up with my final design. I changed it several times and this is what the end result turned out to be. Cute or what!?  I love it! I havent yet listed this for sale yet Im working on it though, I have to list all four pieces in my Artfire shop.
Ive been debating on an etsy shop for more exposure and possibly shutting down my website due to the host making changes that makes me have to rebuild the whole website again in order for new listings to be consistant with the rest of the site.
Well we will see what happens as time goes by, and I'm looking forward to exploring new ways of gettin my jewelry exposed! Until next time....Thanks for reading my blog and following!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just Keep Creating...Yea!

So I have been focusing on getting back up and moving forward now that the house projects have slowed down..owning a home is fun but let me tell you...EXPENSIVE! LOL
So anyways, I have been able to stay motivated to get going again, and I realize the schedule I came up with over the weekend is just not....well lets just say "easier said than done" least for now. I know I should be creating and networking a bunch on a daily basis but I have figured out I am too creative and I change my mind alot on designs because I only have a few hours a day to work them out and I always come up with a better idea! I guess I shouldn't expect to be fully motivated all the time because I work full time, and my job is an hour away from home. So  M-F I drive an hour, I work 8-10 hours a day, then drive that hour back home. So needless to say most days when I get home, I don't really feel like pressuring myself to create and market as much as I am able to on the weekends. So bottom line...come up with a new schedule?
I think my best step would be putting all the stuff I had out from previous pieces I have made away, and starting with a clean board and desk. Plus my home office is a bit cluttered right now, and I think I need to rearrange the desks in there to free up more floor space. Maybe then I wouldnt feel so....unmotivated LOL
I was trying to keep a schedule of a minimum of at least one piece per day (started out as two per day) with a one hour window for marketing/networking/listing. Here is my issue with that: Im not a stay at home mom and dont have that kind of time to play with. I'm not the type to be able to just throw something together real quick, I take my time to make sure it turns out gorgeous! And to make sure I dont make mistakes that require the entire piece to be reworked.  And if i try sticking to the 1 piece per day rule, I would be feeling pressured all the time to make my own quota and obviously that would take the fun out of it.
I have spent so far three days on my current piece, because I have changed my mind about three times, and then again this afternoon I was looking at it and decided on making two pieces out of the beads by using additional beads to make it work.I still have a piece that has been finished for a week now and I keep forgetting to get pictures taken of it and listing it for sale! Well hopefully that will be done soon and i can keep moving forward.
Honestly this week my knee has been really hurting since Saturday and I have a hard time sitting and creating when I am in pain and just want to lay down. As a matter of fact, Im laying on my cozy leather couch with my cozy little handmade blanket my daughter created, (its beautiful and Im so happy she is so creative and such a fast learner and loves to make things!) typing this blog. I wanted to keep working the piece I started while laying down, but I just know I will need to keep getting up to go get more supplies or additional/different beads and that defeats the purpose of my R & R!  So anyways, hopefully by the end of the week I will feel better and can continue what I started- My valentines Day pieces!
So until then...I hope to get some new fans over to my facebook page to help me gain more exposure. I will continue networking while Im down, and go back to creating when I'm feeling better. I wish you a Happy New Year and Thank You for reading my blog. It will be more interesting with pictures soon I promise! :)